Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Syd's pit stop

Syd stopped by to hang out with us in DC on her XCountry jaunt. She sunned with McKenzie & Rowan. Stop anytime Syd, we love having you!

Andrew & Caroline Bell

Rowan had a blast at Stone Harbor with his new friends, Andrew & Caroline.
July 27-Aug 1, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just to clarify

To clear up any confusion, let me introduce my mommies, Moira is my "Momma" and Karen is my "Mommy" good day.


...or future used car salesman? July 20, 2007

Griffin-Roosa, Rowan Griffin-Roosa

The man with the golden gun

Food is my passion

You put it in front of me, I'll eat it.

I love my Moms

Cheers Pam Williams

July 21, 2007 Pam took a break from work in Raleigh, NC (but lives in beautiful downtown Carbondale, IL) and came up for a visit with Rowan then took Momma out to Madame's Organ to see Eric Culberson play some Blues.

Lily Schieken

July 22, 2007 Rowan had a blast at Lily's 3rd birthday party she shared with her friend Bebe. Thanks girls & happy birthday.

A boy and someone else's dog

Rowan dogsat Brooklyn this weekend for Marc & Mary. Rowan loves the dog but Brooklyn's not too sure about Rowan.

Joshua Lenhart-Ray

We visited Jen & Kaia and their baby son, Josh last Wednesday, July 18th. He was only a week old, so little and so beautiful. We're so excited to spend more time with the three of them.

Sawyer Trombley

Rowan got to meet Sawyer Trombley, Kyle & Taylor's little girl when we went up to Vermont this past June. Rowan liked her so much, he cried when they said goodbye. Come down to visit us sometime. Who knows.....one day we could be in-laws!

The Boys

Rowan has 5 fabulous uncles, Sam Rankin, Patrick Koontz, Kevin Lynch, Jason Taylor & Edgar Padilla!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coffey in Tucson

While in Tucson, we hung out with the Coffey/Torney Family, Dee, Coke, Regan, Jenna & Mike. Rowan got to meet the matriarch of the Russo family, Mary, have lunch at O'Malley's, swim at Sam & Debi's, play with Mike & the girls, have breakfast at Frank's & suffer a wardrobe malfunction at the Daniels/Montes wedding in June 2007