Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indie & Tootie

My first pets, goldfish! My moms got them for me this evening. I sure hope they like their new home.

Update....we regret to inform our readers that Tootie passed away on January 2nd, closely followed by the untimely death of his beloved tank mate, Indie on January 5th. God Speed fishies!

Scooter Scooterson

Hanging out with my Mommy on October 13, 2008. You'd never know I got sent home from school today with a fever. Scootering makes me feel better!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Run, Rowan, Run!!!

October 4, 2008
We ran in our annual 5K, "Becca's Run" in Silver Spring, MD with my moms, Auntie Mimi, Uncle Stink, Griff, Laney & Grant. Good times.

Grammy & Grampy's place in NH

My Mommy took me to see Grammy & Grampy in Alton Bay, NH. My Uncle Eric & cousins, EJ & Kayla came to see us and to take me jet skiing & fishing. Awesome!

The JCC Baby!

Sept. 3, 2008
My first day of Pre-school at the Jewish Community Center in Dupont Circle. 
Shalom y'all.

.....and potty trained.

I did it. I'm officially a big boy. If only I had a step stool.

Auntie Kevin

Thanks for the backpack & sleeping bag for my birthday. I love you.

Cousin Jon

Cousin JR blew back threw town on his way down south. Good luck in Savannah!


My 3rd birthday!

On August 15, 2008, I turned 3 years old. My moms had a moonbounce party for me and a Spiderman cake, loved it!!!

Here I am with my friends, Ella & Eve Westmoreland, there brother Luke was here too, but he must've been in the sandbox during the photo shoot. Little Keagan was here too with his big sister, my best friend, McKenzie. Thanks guys for all the fun. Maybe I'll get a pony for my 4th birthday!!!

My Cousin Dennis!

I met my cousin Dennis in August in North Walpole, NH. I kept him on his toes during our rainy day visit. We're hoping he'll come down for a visit soon....and he can bring his knitting!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catherine & Katie in Vermont!

Our friends Catherine & Katie came up to VT with us in August. We stopped at the Dr. Seuss sculpture garden in Springfield, MA on the way home. (Horton almost crushed us!!!)

Fire Chief Rowan with his Papa in Bellows Falls

Papa marinated a stump in the front yard in gasoline (no, not exactly safe or a good lesson for a tiny man such as myself........but soooo much fun!) He set it on fire and gave me the garden hose, just like a real fire fighter. Thanks Papa!

I love DC, I love it!!!

Just me and my Mommy out on Capitol Hill.



We didn't find out the good news until we returned from our family trip to Emerald Isle. 

Looking back at the photos, there may be a baby bump there....look closely!

I'm excited to have a little cousin.

Happy 60th Grammie!

In July, we went to Emerald Isle, NC with Grammie, Papa, Auntie Mimi, Uncle Stink, Griff, Laney & Grant. We had a blast on the beach and having margaritas near the pool (I assure you mine was a virgin!) We celebrated my Grammie's 60th birthday and my Papa's 62nd in style. Thanks for a great time.