Friday, June 6, 2008

Congratulations Granty Boy!

On June 4, 2008, my cousin Grant McDonald Smith graduated from kindergarten at St. Bernadette's. He'll be a big first grader next year. He took me to his class party afterward. They had bubbles, cotton candy and craziness. Thanks Auntie Mimi, you're the best!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Uncle Stinky's 42nd birthday

My Uncle Stephen, or as I like to call him, "Uncle Stinky" had a birthday on May 30th, we celebrated twice on Friday night at Grant & Delaney's baseball games and on Saturday at their house with sushi & good! Happy birthday Stink!

The Nuk Fairy cometh and the Nuk Fairy taketh

Thursday, Mary 29, 2008 marked an important milestone in my tiny little life. I gave up my pacifier, affectionately known as my "Nuk." I decorated a special bag, gathered up all my Nuks and when I woke up (unfortunately, in the middle of the night) the Nuk Fairy took the bag o' Nuks and left me a huge frog balloon and a cool orange truck. I'm a big boy now!!!

Memorial Day Weekend at the Beach

I had a great time at Stone Harbor, as always! Thanks Marc, Mimi & Anna! I love running around on the beach and cooking with Mimi & Mary Pat!

The Air Show

My moms took me to an air show at Andrew's Air Force Base in Virginia. It was awesome. I saw a Russian helicopter and biplanes doing scary tricks. I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

Chillin' with my peeps

My buddies, Eli O'Hara and Alaina Crossett came over to play with me. See, I told you Alaina was my girlfriend.

Happy Anniversary Mommy & Momma!

On May 15th, my parents celebrated their 8th anniversary AND I mailed in our paperwork for a baby sister.....YAY!!!!

Cousin Jon

Cousin Jon stopped for his bi-annual visit on his way from Jax to North Walpole.  I love him 'cuz he looks like a pirate. Arrrrgggh matey!

Welcome Thomas Emmett Crossett

I have a new friend, Tommy. He was born on April 17th. The little guy had a rough start but now he's happy & healthy. Look at him, he's a cutie. He's a lucky guy, cuz he has the best big sister. She's my girlfriend, Alaina. Hope to see you both soon!

Rowan's Baptism

May 4, 2008 I was baptized at St. Anthony's in Washington, DC a block from our house. Jimmy Malley & Debbie Higgins, my Godparents came down from Bellows Falls along with my Grammie & Papa. Thanks guys! I love you.

I love my cousins!

Griffin, Delaney & Grant are fun cousins!

Rowan in the Big Apple

My moms took me to NYC to be one of "Marian's Marchers" in the Parkinson's Unity Walk on April 26, 2008. They took me to FAO Schwartz for a firetruck and to Bryant Park to ride the carousel. I love New York, I love it!

Thanks Malley!

My God father, Jimmy Malley gave me the best teepee ever. Thanks again Jimsey!